Tableau Dashboards


Data Visualization, Dashboards, and Stories

Tableau can be valuable to display any data necessary to your company for presentations. Multiple charts are available to visualize data in various ways. These range from geographic representations to gantt charts or multiple line and bar charts.


Visually display data such as profit based off of geographic location (country, state, zip code). This helps to see trends that would be more difficult just displaying numbers in a spreadsheet.

  1. Sales revenue by color
  2. Average profit by size
  3. Average profit also displayed with labels

Use color along with data tables to help relevant information stand out in large groups. This shows the number of orders in each business segment depending on the region in the United States. This is useful for targeting market areas with promitions that will be the most impactful.

Show data trends over time and even forcast projected profits for coming periods. These trends can help to know how much inventory to have on hand throughout the year and what to purchase for the future.